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Can International Buyers Order from Curucutea.com?

Yes! Buyers outside of U.S. can buy from Curucutea.com – but you will need some help with Communication, Shipping and Payment. We recommend using a good Curucutea.com Agent – a service that specializes in helping people overseas buy from Curucutea.com.

Depending on the terms of our dealer agreements, or restrictions, we may not be able to ship a brand's products to addresses outside the United States.

Please note that your international order may be subject to certain import customs, duties and taxes imposed by your country upon delivery. These charges are NOT INCLUDED in the prices and shipping costs listed on curucutea.com. As the importer of record, you must comply with your local laws and regulations and pay all applicable duties, taxes and fees.

What does a Curucutea.com Agent do?

Your local curucutea.com agent will give us all of the information we need to verify you identity and confirm your order. This one-time verification process must be done through your local curucutea.com agent.

They will help you communicate with the Curucutea.com, collect and check your documents to make sure they are in good standing. They then forward them to us. They can also help you with any decisions you need to make to consolidate your orders into a single, efficient shipment. They typically charge a percentage of your order as a commission, but it usually ends up being worth it when you compare the savings they can offer on international shipping, and all the hassle they help you avoid.

Does Curucutea.com Ship Overseas?

Curucutea.com only accepts orders for shipment to the following countries outside of the United States: Colombia, Venezuela and Nicaragua. If your country is listed here, you must order online. We will not accept your order by phone, fax or e-mail. Curucutea.com Agents will be able to save you a lot on international shipping. Agents send so many international packages that they get a bulk rate from shipping companies. This could save you as much as 25-45% on that postage.

Delays can occur if we need to verify your order or in the event of adverse weather conditions or other carrier or customs delays.

If I didn’t want to use an agent, could I order direct from Curucutea.com?

Yes, In order to deliver such services directly, we will need to process and store your personal information and may need to transfer it to the relevant agent(s) in your country for review. By submitting your personal information, you consent to such processing and transfers in connection with such orders, offers or services and for any other purposes to which you consent at the time you provide the information.